First Impressions Are Everything: Teeth and Dating

For singles who are in Chicago dating, teeth can make or break that all-important first impression. Bright, white, straight teeth are crucial assets when it comes to attracting potential dates. In fact, they top the list of what others judge you on. You use your pearly whites to smile, chat, eat, and, of course, kiss! The better they look, the more attractive you will be. To make your most memorable first impression, schedule an appointment with your Roscoe Village best dentist.


You may have heard the old joke:

Patient: I have a date tonight, but my teeth are yellow. What should I do?
Dentist: Wear a brown tie.

Years ago, dentistry was more focused on filling cavities and pulling teeth than on bleaching them. Today, thankfully, there are cosmetic dental treatments that transform ugly choppers into alluring smiles. For example, yellow and/or discolored enamel can be bleached white. Gaps can be filled with implants, and snaggleteeth can be beautified with veneers. Braces are often invisible and can straighten a mouthful of crooked teeth in as little as six months.

You might think people who judge others by their appearance are rare or shallow, but it turns out that pretty much everyone does it. Without even realizing it, humans size each other up in the blink of an eye. Snap judgements are made all the time during Chicago dating. Teeth attractiveness flashes surprising messages to potential mates, such as: great personality, successful, and even wealthy.  Even if you're not meeting others in person at first, you will be sized up by your profile picture on online sites.

If you are looking for love while Chicago dating, teeth appearance must be a priority. Let your pearly whites lure  the man or woman of your dreams by creating your most beautiful smile ever through today's amazing dental treatments. Schedule a consultation with your Roscoe Village best dentist to improve your chances out in the dating game, because first impressions really are everything.