Dental Tips for A Younger Smile

Who doesn’t want to look a few years younger? Babies, sure. However, for most adults a more youthful is considered something to strive for. A healthy smile and white teeth are one place to start. Though most people don’t think about how their dental health affects how old they look, teeth are often a good indicator of a person’s true age. Try these dental tips on looking younger to shave a few years off your appearance.


Practice Good Oral Hygiene Overall

As a general rule, whiter teeth are younger looking teeth, so keeping your teeth sparkly ought to be a priority if your goal is a more youthful appearance. Brush at least twice a day and floss once. Also visit the dentist at least once every six months to keep plaque from building up.


Watch What You Eat

Some foods and drinks are more likely to stain your teeth than others. One of the best dental tips on looking younger is to avoid foods that cause discoloration and gravitate towards one that naturally clean your teeth. Coffee, tea and red wine are all notorious for causing stained teeth, while fibrous fruits like apples and pears (nature’s toothbrushes!) actually help whiten tooth enamel.


Look Out for Periodontal Disease

Diseases that affect the gums not only cause pain and tooth decay but can also affect the overall appearance of your smile. Once again, brushing and flossing are the best way to combat periodontal disease, but in more serious cases an antibacterial mouthwash can help fight off the germs that cause tooth decay.


Get Your Teeth Whitened

For a more serious smile makeover, consider a professional cosmetic procedure. Crowns, veneers, and professional teeth whitening are all ways to shave years off the appearance of your teeth. Talk with a dentist to discuss options before committing to one of these procedures.


Buy Grills?

A lot of people can’t pull them off, but they would look good on you.


To find out more about Roscoe Village crowns and other dental tips on looking younger, contact an oral health provider in your area today.