How to Avoid Getting Braces

Have you been told that your child in Roscoe Village needs braces? Braces is something that parents and children do not want to think about. Not only are braces expensive for parents, kids worry about getting teased. Sticky snacks? Not after braces! Holidays with favorite foods off limits just aren’t the same. However, for kids and parents in Chicago straight teeth is actually pretty important. Crooked teeth can make it hard to speak and even to eat. But what alternative is available?


Just a Few Hours a Day

Orthotain is a great alternative to Roscoe Village braces. Children, teens and adults can benefit from this innovative system. Instead of a complex system of wires that has to be left in place for several months, a simple aligner is worn only at night. Straighter teeth while you sleep? It is true and it does not take long:

  • 5 – 7 year olds using the Nite Guide system will complete the alignment process in just a few months
  • 8 – 12 year olds will have straight teeth in 4 – 10 months with the Occulus-o-Guide
  • Teens and adults using the Ortho-T will have results in 1 – 12 months

Just slip it into place before going to bed and remove it in the morning. No worries about teasing, no special toothbrushes, and all those favorite snacks are still on the menu.


An Option for Everyone

Though children are the most frequent patients in Roscoe Village using braces, dentists sometimes recommend them for teens and adults. If you or a teen in your family is feeling anxious over crooked teeth, do not worry.  If you work with a dentist in Chicago straight teeth are actually easy to accomplish.


Better Than Braces

This system lets kids, teens, and adults enjoy their favorite meals and daily activities without the hassle of traditional wire braces. Getting great results takes only a few months and can be accomplished while you sleep. Even better, this system costs a lot less than other orthodontic options. Ask your dentist if orthotain is right for your family.