You Can't Twerk With Bad Teeth



Whether you’re into twerking or not you’ll most definitely look better doing it with a beautiful smile. Just ask Miley Cyrus. The child star started out with a less than perfect smile. However, with the help of modern dentistry she was able to get a million dollar grill. Lets take a look and see what it took for her to go from “wrecking ball” to a “party in the u.s.a”.  

Looking at little Miley the thing that’s most noticeable are her two front teeth. They are larger and stick out further than the rest of her teeth. You may or may not also notice that the gum line on her laterals (the two teeth next to the front teeth) is not at the same level.  The gums on her right side are lower than the gums on her left side. She also has a deep bite, which results in the lower teeth barely being visible when she smiles.

So what did it take for Miley to get a smile that works.  She definitely needed some orthodontic intervention to correct the misalignment, or in other words; braces. The braces were used to correct the position of the teeth and to help open up her bite so that her lower teeth would show more. The braces were also used to extrude and intrude her teeth to get them to line up properly. What exactly is extrusion or intrusion? Extrusion is the process of pulling the teeth out lower than their natural position. Sounds painful? Well when done slowly and over time its not. Same goes for intrusion, which as you may have guessed is pushing teeth IN or UP from their natural position.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that dentistry is just as much an art form as it is a science. Dentists use things like proportionally, the golden ratio, contours, and line angles to perfect that work of art you put on display everyday for others to see. That’s exactly what was done for Miley. The result of her braces treatment was that all of the teeth, both up top and on the bottom, were aligned and her bite was opened to allow more of her lower teeth to be seen. Next comes the fine-tuning. A procedure called gingivectomy was completed to correct some of the discrepancy with her gum line. Remember the gum on her laterals (the teeth next to the very front teeth)? They were much lower and were not at the same height. Mileys dentist used a laser or a scalpel to cut away and shape the gum line. In my opinion he could have removed just a little more on the right front tooth to take it up just a little higher. Then again I’m extremely picky.

Overall her teeth look fabulous. Before her dentist was done I’m sure he had her undergo an in office whitening. Using material called hydrogen peroxide or carbimide peroxide we can help teeth turn whiter than their natural shade.  This is the name of the ingredients found in whitening systems like Zoom or Boost that you may have heard about. They help remove some of the surface staining that can make teeth turn more yellow. Shout out to Miley for fixin her grill and to her dentist and orthodontist that did a great job!